Summer, finally.

Omgosh summer.

I’m ecstatic! No more lectures from teachers or stupid anecdotes in assemblies that are meant to boost morale but instead just end up putting me to sleep. No more procrastinating the night away and feeling guilty about not doing homework. I can now procrastinate and be happy about it hehe. It’s going to be a sugar fueled six weeks of madness and mayhem. I’m going to soak up the sun in Tunisia next week and when I come back I’m going to continue learning Japanese, go shopping, go bike riding, write stories and catch up on sleep. Of course I also have the overwhelming and infamous Result’s Day looming over my head and the mindnumbing university application process but meh, I guess I’ll have to deal with it.

~ Chaka Khan – Aint Nobody ~

Blogging Challenge: 1; Weird things you do when you’re alone

I tell ya, some people would have an effort keeping this one clean haha

*symbols crash after sad attempt to be funny*

Well what I do when I’m alone is quite simply spend as much time on the internet as I can. I’m talking facebook, tumblr, twitter, and the link of any TV show/Anime I’m currently trying to but will probably never catch up with. Bah I’m interesting. I also eat enough food for an entire village hence my extremely attractive one pack. I start writing a long and complicated novel that I somehow never manage to finish due to me procrastinating which means I tend to switch to different activities quite quickly. I go and play video games and when I die or lose or my lives or whatever I can swear which is a novelty as normally I’m surrounded by little sisters/cousins. Fuck yeah!