Chasing the Sun

I’m chasing the sun

Down the bottom of a vodka bottle

It tastes of sweetness, light and euphoria

But it fades as fast as the sunset that reminds me of you

So I turn to the tobacco goodness that sends me into a pseudo heaven

I want to feel love i want to feel hope i want to dream

But chemical aphrodisiacs can only do so much

As i fall into the depths of a hell

Pretty much.

Oh no, it’s already four!

Oh wait I haven’t shut my door

Time to study or time to eat?

Well I can’t study until I’ve found a good seat!

I need to sharpen my pencils all day long

Can’t start until my shuffle goes to a good song

Hey look, I just got a text

Need to reply, it’s my friend, she’s slightly vexed

Must tidy my room and make my bed

Now I must make a start on dinner or my mum will see red!

Oh wait, it’s already 9, time to watch Game of Thrones and drown my sorrows

Screw revision, I’ll start tomorrow!




The Party

A sip of wine and small talk
Pray for me now and I won’t balk-
In this delightful idea of ‘fun’
Why does the very thought make me want to run?
I put on my dress hoping I look hot
A dash of red lipstick, I want to give you a shock
Striding in the room expecting all eyes on me
Instead everyone is chattering impatiently
I smile and wave to the people I know
They want cheerfull? I’ll put on a show
Down that wine, there’s my ‘happy juice’
Not too much or you people might assume I’m loose
The music starts and boy it’s loud
I have a chance to see you in the crowd
Losing myself in the song, in the moves
I almost miss seeing you near me with your funny red shoes
But alas you’re gone, before I can even utter a hello
You’re halfway across the room and I don’t want to bellow
People’s outfits are glitzy, way better than mine
I would have dressed better if I’d had enough time
I catch another glimpse of you during my favourite song
But for a second my world shatters and everything seems wrong
You’re dancing with another girl, arms round her waist
Why can’t that be me, why her in my place?