I can’t wait to walk down the Aisle…

I can’t wait to walk down the Aisle…

That is,the airport Aisle. (sorry for the clickbait)

Who needs a chapel when you have the luxury of running to your gate because you woke up late  want to get there nice and early. Getting that smooth boarding pass printed out and then instagramming it (without personal details of course because GDPR) for everyone to see that you’re on a Emirates First Class flight to Dubai…or a Ryanair Super Economy to Prague (a flight is a flight, everyone should be jel).





I need that pre flight Corona (the beer, to clarify) and a Full English breakfast. I need to stop salivating because damn, could really use them right now. I haven’t been abroad in just over a year and if you check my internet history it’s full of Skyscanner searches and travel blogs. I have no holidays booked at the moment but that doesn’t stop me bookmarking people’s Instagram posts to my folder aptly named ‘Wanderlust’, original I know. It doesn’t help that London is cold and dreary at the moment and waking up in complete darkness doesn’t help at all. I’m envisaging my next holiday to be an all inclusive at the beach kinda holibae where all I do is sip cocktails and complain about the heat while basking in it anyway.

I don’t know when my next trip will be but I am miserable and need a holiday asap. I kinda wanna wait until things get better or we get a vaccine or both. My mental health is a bit of a sorry state at the moment and I really think even a few days in a new city just lapping up that holiday glow is needed.



Are you going on holiday or have you already been? Let me know in the comments!

“I miss you” season is nigh

Winter is coming. You heard it here first. The sky is blue and black, mulled wine is coming back and that neighbour you can’t stand has his house all decked out with lights and a minature Santa flashing on the roof. It’s also when the feelings of dread and loneliness hits those suseptible to the “winter blues”. Maybe sitting on your coach tussled up in your warmest blankets listening to Frank Ocean on repeat isn’t enough and you’re craving a companion to help you make it through the winter. Yes, “I miss you”season has hit and it’s time for another year where you’re targeted by the Lonely.

Bootycalls are coming so hard you can’t keep up with all the “Yo you up? I need a cuddle -insert unblinking eyes emoji-” and it’s giving you a headache having to free your phone storage. It’s hard to fathom that a little cold weather instantly turns men into horny teenagers but it’s happening. Suddenly a season is being used as an excuse to fornicate with every Tom, Dick and Harry on Tinder.

Let’s not forget the men who use winter as an excuse to target the emotionally vulnerable. That ex you keep trying to shake off? Suddenly he’s suggesting Winter Wonderland dates where you can wonder around bustling markets holding his hand while you attempt to take cutesy couple pictures. Seems innocent enough. How about that friend who has been attempting to escape the ‘friend-zone’ for months but you’ve been escaping his clutches every time? Ice Skating Between Friends starts off sinlessly but he’s grabbing you everytime you nearly fall, trying to take your hand at every occasion and that mistletoe you both walked past looks very conveniently placed.

Friends this is the time to remain painfully aware. Emotions will be driving you crazy. Especially seeing photos of perfect couples on Instagram documenting a perfect Winter of Love where everything is perfect and you have no reason to feel lonely or alone. But we must fight these feelings and curve the preying men on sight. Winter will pass and you will still be lonely and single and that’s okay. There’s always Spring.

Just the little things

I saw something yesterday which made me feel an ounce of happiness in the jet black cave that is my mind, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

It’s something so miniscule and flippant that I don’t even know why, but it made my day. I was walking into University with my coffee (correction – liquid of brewed disappointment and sewage) when I saw one of my tutors walking past.

I haven’t mentioned her before but she is one of my current girl crushes. Passionate about Victorian literature and her fashion is always so ‘on point’ that I can’t help but marvel at whatever outfit she is sporting. She always looks a pretty picture.

Crushed red velvet blazer. Patchwork. Gothic shirt. Dayum. I almost want to pull up a chair after the seminar and ask her if she’s ever thought about modelling in Vogue. Or well, maybe not Vogue as they seem to favour Gigi Hadid whereas she’s more Helena Bonham Carter (with even more of an edge!). But y’know, somewhere with style.

Anyway I saw her walking outside one of the buildings holding hands with this other woman. They were both smiling and chatting happily. My lecturer looked happy. This woman looked happy. It just shows the power of love you know? It’s simple and you may be thinking “who cares?” but just seeing her all perked made me a bit happy. As supporter of homosexuality it made me happy. Relationship PDA? Yeah it’s normal and something you see a lot. But seeing one of your teachers in PDA? That’s different. Also, you don’t often see Gay or Lesbian PDA all that frequently? Why is that? Society is so conditioned to think of Gay or Lesbian PDA as uncommon so we feel more surprised when we see it in real life. But one day maybe it’ll be as normal as Hetero PDA. I’m happy that my lecturer was confident enough and happy enough to showcase her relationship without a care in the world. Love truly does conquer all.

Yes I’m cheesy and soppy and bleh. But it was something small which brightened my day. 🙂

10 Types of People you See on Snapchat


Snapchat. A form of social media in which users allow the world to view pictures or videos for up to fifteen seconds at a time and then –poof- it’s gone, stored in one’s memory (unless you take a screenshot of course).

Ever since the widely used application first released in 2011, teenagers and young people alike have been addicted as it gives them the need to share every crazy, quick paced moment of their life with the world and if that wasn’t enough for you, you can view it for an unlimited number of times for 24 hours.
Snapchat may have its perks but it also quite regrettably, has its disadvantages and there are certain types of people who will just quite manage to irk you…

1. The “Night Out Maestro”
If you’re not having a good night out then fear not, this person will show you just what exactly you’re missing out on– in the form of a 200 second snap which is basically a (usually quite drunken) video montage of them showing you the exhilarating albeit messy process of ‘avin a good night out’ to put it accurately. About ninety nine percent of the time the snap story starts from the onset of the ‘pre drinks’ in which the person’s objective is to endorse alcohol as much as they can. Jack Daniels, Wine, Whisky, Disaranno…the list is endless. Then come the actual club photos and gosh, what a sight. First of all it’s a selfie competition made up of girls frantically stabbing themselves with their six inch heels in order to appear the tallest and a savage, bloodthirsty fight to the death in order to obtain the best lighting. It becomes evident when the alcohol has kicked in when blurry ten second videos where a phone appears to randomly jab up and down in every direction of the whole ‘squad’ dancing emerge. We get it, you’re on a ‘wild night out’ and feel the need to share your every second with the world just in case they aren’t having a ‘wild night out’ instead. For heaven’s sake, why do you think professional photographers trawl these clubs to willingly take pictures? It’s so you’re not glued to your phone all night.

2. The “I Must Document Every Second Of My Life And You’ll Endure It” Expert
Have they uploaded a snapstory today? Is the Pope Catholic? Yes and yes. They will upload absolutely every meticulous detail of their life which (after 100 seconds precisely) will make you want to tear every bit of your hair out. Oh its 9 AM, time for a breakfast bagel to show the world what I like to eat in the mornings. Then a quick selfie with the appropriate caption i.e. ‘Going to Grandma’s” just in case they didn’t know you were going to visit her that specific day. Following that a precisely, constructed picture of an assortment of textbooks to show that 4 PM is revision ‘o’ clock. Add in another selfie for good measure as you wouldn’t want your audience forgetting you exist. Lastly a few shots of your evening meal and then some again of your revision notes just in case everyone forgot that you were planning on hitting the books that day. What Snapchat is to them, oxygen is to us.

3. The “Wannabe Model”
This type of character loves selfies. Like loooooves them. They won’t let you forget it either. Sultry pose? Check. Immaculate, (usually heavily contoured) skin? Check? Beauty enhancing filter that somehow manages to wipe out their every flaw and cause you to view them in the perfect light (pun intended)? Check. You have yourself the Selfie Master. They will take on any opportunity to flaunt their perfect face and will do so multiple times as they hold on to the belief that the World and its Children has the inescapable desire to see them whether it be five times a day or fifty. Optional irrelevant captions such as “The weather is lovely” completing a photo of their new bouffant hair style is also an additional detail.

4. The “Emotional Wreck”.
Accompanied by a ‘black screen of death’, one’s snapchat is heavily detailed with a few select emojis (namely the grimacing one) and a hyperbolic statement with the tone of a passive aggressive thirteen year old whose parents said no to them buying yet another video game console. Usually – but not always – is conveyed by a bitter ex-girlfriend with an ambiguous statement that goes something like “So done with boys”. A dramatic statement is key and if it doesn’t sound like the emotional workings of a toddler having a tantrum then you’re not doing it right

5. The “Filterographer”
Filters are their Kryptonite. On Wednesdays they wear pink. That is, the pink cheeked, cherub headed filter that appears to ‘angelify’ into a vision of cuteness. Another day, another feature put to good use. A spot of sepia tint to appear melodramatic. Perhaps an embodiment of a puppy to show off your paws. Or an uninspiring face swap guaranteed to make people laugh. That is, after they forget about the first two hundred face swaps you took last week in your snapchat induced high as you discovered a new filter you could get your hands on. By the time it gets to the end of the week you’re sick of seeing the constant assemblage of multi-coloured facial features and random tears springing down a face. Suddenly old fashioned Polaroid photos don’t seem such a bad idea after all; at least they’re not a constant eyesore to look at.
6. The “Sky Muse”
Looking out of your window to check the weather is so last century. Why not just check your snapchat instead? Eleven times out of ten you’ll see a generic image of the sky on your feed and eleven times out of ten it’s usually taken by those that put “Aspiring photographer” in their Twitter bio. Bonus points if it is a sunset. Triple points if it manages to capture the sky in an assortment of breath taking colours that somehow the amateur photographer cannot do justice to. It only counts if it’s longer than ten seconds because you never know when the last time we see a sunset will be.

7. The “Political Platform”
This type of person has opinions. Big ones. They need to share them with the world. Immediately. There’s no better option (or platform) than snapchat; you’ll be so immersed in what they have to say that you will be frantically jabbing at your phone to skip forward to their next snap as they continue debating about how racism is still prevalent in our society or why McDonalds’ fries are better than Burger Kings (they’re crispy and crispy fries always win). Opinions will usually range on the completely idiotic to the painstakingly controversial side of things and you are forced to endure it.

8. The “Match.Com” Promoter

This snap chatter follows the same format as the “Night Out” Maestro but instead of viewing their uninspiring adventures at a night club you are forced to endure them on their date night with their partners, respectably. Be it overwhelmingly sickening selfies with their significant other with optional captions like “2 weeks with the love of my life” or mind numbingly boring videos of a couple going about their daily routine, this particular person will not stop in the non-existent race to show the world that their relationship is front page news. They want to remind the world that yes, love exists and they are in love of course and they want to show you the dynamics behind a successful relationship. There’s nothing wrong with that at all but unfortunately, showing us your ‘behind the scenes’ footage makes us want to throw up a little in our mouth.

(originally published in Rebel Magazine 2016)