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Hola amigos! Unless you’ve been under a digitally enchanced rock for the past few months you would have noticed that new social media app Clubhouse has been taking the world by storm. The app is invite only and currently only for IPhone users so there’s a whole discourse in the world of social media that Android users are (painfully) unaware of.

The app is unique because of instead text based posting, you solely use your voice to interact with people. You can travel from ‘room’ to ‘room’, listening on discussions about absolutely anything. It’s like being thrown in the abyss but being able to read people’s minds and having constant voices in your head. I didn’t know where I was going with this metaphor to be honest

When I first joined Clubhouse I felt very overwhelmed. It was like jumping into a rabbit hole with so much knowledge you feel like you’d swalled the whole of the internet in one bite. At first I just took the time to get more aware of my surroundings which meant jumping into rooms for short periods of times and then jumping back out again. However, recently I’ve been looking at industry specific rooms that delve into topics such as travelling, comedy or rooms by influencers such as Oloni and Ashleigh. Clubhouse doesn’t have to be overwhelming – here are some tips on rooms to dive into

  • Join Travel talks and rooms to connect with other bloggers

One group I really love is the ‘Girls Love Travel’ group. There are regular talks from a variety of interesting topics from focusing on a particular location or discussions and tips from a variety of speakers including travel agents, nomads, bloggers etc. With such a range of topics its easy to speak up whether you’re recommending restaurants in Lisbon or relaying hostel horror stories.

  • Join rooms from a variety of continents

Travel might be difficult in a panoramic but we move virtually. Clicking that explore page transports you to rooms all around the globe. In a bit to make my workday more interesting, I found myself listening to some nocturnal Americans make idle conversation on the ‘Sleepless in LA’ room which was how I found about the potential legality of psychadelics in LA. (Please don’t quote me on this though)

  • Cure your loneliness by hearing people’s voices

I love Twitter but sometimes it’s like talking to yourself and hoping someone chimes in. However Clubhouse is intimate and cheesy as it makes sure you’re never alone. Sometimes while I’m playing games or just scrolling aimlessly on my phone I put on a random voice just to fill the deafening silence. Need to vent? There’s lots of rooms which encourage people to talk about how they are feeling which is essential in a Panacotta.

  • You can use Clubhouse to upskill

Now this is where things can get overwhelming. When scrolling through my homepage I can see a dozen rooms on topics such as “How to turn your side hustle into a 6 figure job” or “How to retire at 35” etc. You’re submerged in a cannon of knowledge and its easy to get overstimulated. But embrace it. Dip in the room for a bit and then take a break. There’s lots of tips on social media, travelling, mental health, productivity etc.

  • Make your voice heard

I took my time to get discover the ins and outs of Clubhouse and only started speaking when I was ready. Putting myself ‘on the spot’ was a good technique to build up my confidence skills. Choose topics you’re comfortable talking about e.g. I joined a discussion on travelling to Australia as I used to live there in 2016/7. There’s dozens of rooms where you can easily start up a conversation. Just say hi and get the ball rolling.

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