100 followers – Free cake!

So I know it’s not anything to scream about but I now have 100 followers…cue the sarcastic ‘Yays’

I can’t believe it took this lame-o blog a year to reach 100 followers but can you really blame it? It’s only now that I’ve started to write more regularly and not think of it as a chore that needs updating…it’s like having a baby, if you don’t treat it with love and affection it won’t treat you with love and affection. Okay maybe it’s a little different.

So yeah, to all my 100 followers you are entitled to a slice of free cake. On the house. Yup, you heard right πŸ˜‰

“What are you doing right now?”

What am I doing right now? Lying on my bed with an open window thinking about nature and shit. Just kidding, I’m actually on my laptop browsing TSR and stuff but I am in my bedroom with an open window. Plus, I’m wearing a dress and it feels like I haven’t let my legs out from the Land of Jeans in years.

“You know it’s summer when you have an incentive to shave your legs”

5 thoughts on “100 followers – Free cake!

      1. *wipes away dribble*
        Here’s me plate…cough cough…erm…yeah….I’d like…oooooh uhhhhh VANILLA! πŸ˜€


      2. Good choice! πŸ˜€

        Great now I’m craving cake and there’s none in the house #firstworldproblems 😦

      3. IM SO GREEDY

        Me too. I just made me a cuppa so…well, I think I can faintly hear the mug singing “all byyyyy myseeeeeelf…don’t WANNNA be….”

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