Does anyone have the cure to procrastination?

  • It is 5 days till my first exam.
  • I am sitting here browsing the web
  • I am struggling to learn about 5/6ths of the syllabus in five days
  • There’s no flipping junk food in the house
  • The dishes need doing
  • My head hurts



8 thoughts on “Does anyone have the cure to procrastination?

  1. Oooooooo!!

    (And I’ve avoided geography…*cough FIRST EXAM cough*)
    And procrastination LURVES me.


    1. Aww oh dear fellow procrastinators never fail to make me feel better :P, what exams are you doing? You’re from England right? Oh god I’m seriously stressing out but I’m in bed rn, easy to see what my priorities are…

      1. Yup. An English little thing sitting here.
        Those dreaded ones at the end of the year; THE COMPULSORY ONES!!! I’m sure you’ve a similar issue.
        Exams…ooooooof. I haven’t even opened my Geography book yet. It’s full of maps and volcanoes and tectonic plates and humanity. UGH
        *runs for the hills*
        I always find that when I’m in bed…I mysteriously turn to the internet…*memes/blogging galore*

  2. Ahh, procrastination. You would think that I would have learned by now, but no, I keep putting it off. Maybe I’ll learn before I’m 60? I have an exam in 2 weeks, and had better start revising (or at least reading!) Good luck for your exams. 🙂

      1. That’s ok – I’m much, much closer to 60 than you, and I’m still putting off growing up. :-D. And long may it last!

      2. Psht how do you know you’re that much older than me? I could be 59 for all you know 😛 Ahhh yes, here’s to being down with the kids and embracing immaturity 😉

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