The Party

A sip of wine and small talk
Pray for me now and I won’t balk-
In this delightful idea of ‘fun’
Why does the very thought make me want to run?
I put on my dress hoping I look hot
A dash of red lipstick, I want to give you a shock
Striding in the room expecting all eyes on me
Instead everyone is chattering impatiently
I smile and wave to the people I know
They want cheerfull? I’ll put on a show
Down that wine, there’s my ‘happy juice’
Not too much or you people might assume I’m loose
The music starts and boy it’s loud
I have a chance to see you in the crowd
Losing myself in the song, in the moves
I almost miss seeing you near me with your funny red shoes
But alas you’re gone, before I can even utter a hello
You’re halfway across the room and I don’t want to bellow
People’s outfits are glitzy, way better than mine
I would have dressed better if I’d had enough time
I catch another glimpse of you during my favourite song
But for a second my world shatters and everything seems wrong
You’re dancing with another girl, arms round her waist
Why can’t that be me, why her in my place?

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