Oh the joy of being a human.

We’re repulsive, sadistic, narcissistic beings. We hurt each other and bitch about each other and lie to each other and oh gosh, the list is endless. I’m not saying we’re all monsters. There’s always a sort of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ type of construction in our personality. Yes we’re horrible but we can be lovely at the same time. Even the ‘monsters’ have a shred of humanity. Even the ‘angels’ have a hateful bone in their body. Life isn’t black and white but technicolor. That guy who seems to be ‘Mr Popular’? He’s probably the loneliest person in the room. The girl who seems to have everything? She’s crying at night. We judge all the time without really realising what people are going through. We’re extremely shallow people with unrealistic expectations. 
“I want a really hot guy with a six pack who’s taller than me because ew short guys and he has to be romantic and funny…” “I want a really beautiful girl with a good personality who’s curvy but has a flat stomach and she has to have sex with me but she can’t be a slut” Do you see the problem? I once met this girl and this guy in a group who kept flirting with each other and obviously liked each other. Once I got the girl on her own I asked her what the deal was with him. She admitted she liked him and when I told her to “go for it”, know what she said? She replied that his “facebook profile picture was too ugly”. Um okay. I was like o.O. What happened to just wanting to be with someone because they made you happy? We all have these completely unnecessary preferences that we think define happiness. Well I have news for you people. It doesn’t. 

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