Blogging Challenge: 1; Weird things you do when you’re alone

I tell ya, some people would have an effort keeping this one clean haha

*symbols crash after sad attempt to be funny*

Well what I do when I’m alone is quite simply spend as much time on the internet as I can. I’m talking facebook, tumblr, twitter, and the link of any TV show/Anime I’m currently trying to but will probably never catch up with. Bah I’m interesting. I also eat enough food for an entire village hence my extremely attractive one pack. I start writing a long and complicated novel that I somehow never manage to finish due to me procrastinating which means I tend to switch to different activities quite quickly. I go and play video games and when I die or lose or my lives or whatever I can swear which is a novelty as normally I’m surrounded by little sisters/cousins. Fuck yeah!


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